Future Stages of the STCP Project

After potential STCP participants have been identified, UHMC will seek to obtain further grants for scholarships and stipends to allow identified participants to begin certification programs in spring 2022. Participants will fall into one of the two following categories, each of which will be selected primarily on the basis of academic merit and/or professional achievement, with consideration given to financial need and the diversity of participants in the program.

STEM Professionals

Participants with a STEM background will enroll in a teacher certification program within the University of Hawai‘i system, for which they will receive a stipend or scholarship of up to $10,000 for one year (not to exceed cost of attendance).

Individuals may receive a maximum of one year of stipend support, unless the individual is enrolled in a part-time program, in which case the amount may be prorated according to the length of the program.

An individual awarded a stipend is expected to serve as a STEM teacher in a high-need Hawai‘i school district for two years, which must be fulfilled within four years after completing the program.

STEM Post-Baccalaureate Students

Undergraduate students who have attained at least junior status in a STEM post-baccalaureate degree program (i.e., when a program requires a fifth year) will be eligible for a scholarship of up to $10,000 per year, up to two years (not to exceed cost of attendance). Students must graduate with a major in a STEM discipline and obtain teacher certification or licensing upon completion of the program.

A full-time student may receive an annual scholarship through the completion of a baccalaureate degree program, not to exceed a maximum of three years (for students enrolled in institutions requiring a fifth year or post-baccalaureate program for teacher certification/licensing). A part-time student may receive scholarships that are prorated according to the student's enrollment status, not to receive scholarship support over more than six years.

An individual awarded a scholarship is expected to serve as a STEM teacher in a high-need Hawai‘i school district for two years, for each full-year of a scholarship received, to be fulfilled within eight years after completing the program.

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