Teaching Locations

The STCP program seeks to serve high-need school districts, which are defined as having at least one school that meets one of the following criteria:
  • A high percentage of individuals from families with incomes below the poverty line
  • A high percentage of secondary school teachers not teaching in the content area in which they were trained to teach
  • A high teacher-turnover rate
In the state of Hawai‘i, every public school district meets the criteria of a high-needs district.
The STCP program focuses particularly on districts where at least 90% of the students are Native Hawai‘ian, Filipino, or other underrepresented minorities.

School Districts in Hawaii

Within each Hawai‘ian school district are complexes, which comprise all of the schools that feed into each other, from elementary up through graduating high school. The following are the school districts in the state of Hawai‘i, as well as their complexes, all of which are seeking STEM teachers for K-12. Note that links open a new page at

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